Hypergraphic Press is pleased to announce the release of the 13th edition of

Psychology Applied to Work®

The 13th edition of Psychology Applied to Work® presents the story of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology as told through the most recent research, summarized in a focused and easy-to-comprehend manner.  Each chapter presents four special features highlighting the impact of I-O psychology on key contemporary issues and designed to enhance student engagement in the field.

New in the 13th edition:

  • COVID-19 and I-O Psychology:  The impact of COVID-19 on aspects of the world of work
  • The Lighter Side of I-O Psychology:  Frequently-humorous reflections on people, events and situations in I-O
  • Consider This:  multiple reflection points within chapters wherein topics are further examined and thought-provoking questions raised for discussion

Continuing in the 13th edition:

  • Social Media and I-O Psychology:  The impact of social media sites and activities on the field of I-O psychology
  • Faces of I-O Psychology:  I-O psychologists showcased utilizing their knowledge and skillsets to make an impact on others.  This feature serves as a form of networking, introducing students to scientists and practitioners who have a vested interest in I-O psychology and wish to share their love of the field.

Collectively, these five features offer exciting new insights into how the field of I-O psychology is evolving in response to social changes.

In addition, the 13th edition has been restructured: in-text references are replaced with endnotes, providing a smoother reading experience for students.  This new edition features one new chapter - The Context of Work – with material on structural, social, environmental and legal contexts of work.  Topics previously dispersed in other chapters have been consolidated and expanded to include organizational structure, diversity, equity and inclusion, and humanitarian work psychology.  Over 200 new citations, and the research behind them, update, expand and incorporate new topics in the field.  The 13th edition examines the past and present, and glimpses into the future, of I-O.